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„Ze snů stavíme Vaše domovy ...”

We are a Construction Company building wooden energy efficient and eco friendly residential dwellings. We provide complete service Design, construction and project management in all project stages (Land subdivisions, Design, Building permits and construction). We provide variety of modular constructions, which can be built onsite or pre-built in our factory and delivered to site for assembly, including roof sheets. We also provide various types of construction products shall they be for diffused closed constructions or diffused opened systems including full breakdown of materials used for construction, assembly and completion of construction.
As previously mentioned, we also provide complete wooden structures. Our service is similar to the construction works of project works.
We build residential dwellings with two systems, construction directly on site or prefabrication, delivery and assembly on site.
Our website describes all types of construction we provide.
We have also included construction of brick wall dwellings due to a increased demand in the year 2013.
The main benefit, when choosing our service, is the assurance that we will be there for you from the very beginning of Design to the end of construction.

Company History

VIKYMONT Construction s.r.o was established in 2011 when DALIBOR KOLOS, who has been designing energy efficient structures since 1993, has also included the construction of his projects to his services. The main idea was to provide our clients with a complete service from start to finish ensuring clients complete satisfaction.